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Wife Swapping

Wife swapping has probably existed since the invention of the marriage ceremony in whatsoever form it (the marriage ceremony) took. Wife swapping is now better known by the term “Swingers” or “Swinger Lifestyle”. Swingers are couples that have multiple sexual partners outside the state of marriage. It is considered to be a healthy, social and recreational pastime by its devotees and loyal followers. It involves consensual sexual intercourse between two or more people who are above the legal age of consent within their jurisdiction, on a regular basis. It is usually conducted in a private and safe environment.

In most cases both parties, in the marriage, will be present at the same event but have sexual intercourse with others (either singly or in a group) that they are not legally married to. This is used as a form of sexual experimentation and recreation by both parties.

The earliest written records of what we now call the Swinger Lifestyle date back to Roman times. There are detailed written documents describing the sexual activities at Roman Orgies. These were the fore-runner of Wife Swapping. It was consider proper and correct, in Roman society, to be involved in regular sexual intercourse outside marriage by both husband and wife. The Romans equally did not differentiate between heterosexual behaviour and homosexual behaviour. It was considered perfectly normal for legionnaires, when away on campaigns, to have sexual intercourse with boys that were kept specifically for this purpose.

Benefits of Wife Swapping

The benefits of wife swapping are normally considered to healthy for both parties. It allows each individual to explore their sexuality in different ways. It gives your marriage partner a greater insight into your personal sexual desires and fantasies. By engaging in this life style it helps both parties to gain a greater level of trust leading to increased security. This can then lead to deeper commitment by both partners as their understanding of each other grows. Many people find that whilst watching their partner engaging in sexual activities with another person they become highly sexually aroused themselves.

Rules of Wife Swapping

There are no formal rules that surround wife swapping. There is no written code that must be adhered to. The rules are laid down between the couple themselves and the other couple or couples that are present. These are generally only guidelines which may or may not be bound by limitations. It is essential that the couple communicate openly and can discuss their specific needs and desires. It should be remembered that sex is a very powerful emotion and can be used constructively to build trust, sensitivity and respect. This can greatly assist a couple in growing closer together by opening their desires to their partner and ensuring that their partners’ sexual needs are catered to.

Wife Swapping Clubs

Wife Swapping Clubs began life in California in the 1960’s. They were open to any couple that wanted to become members but normally had to be recommended by an existing member. The original parties were normally held in members’ homes. It helped to broaden the circle of friends that members had. When established couples were introduced to new members, their circle of friends began to grow. Many swingers from the early days remained as life-long friends even when the sexual urges had waned. These clubs were also used for social purposes not purely for casual sexual encounters.

With the advent of the internet it has become much easier for like-minded couples to meet online before they actually meet face to face. The internet is used as a screening tool to allow introductions to be made and mutual compatibility to be established before a person to person meeting is arranged. There is a certain amount of security for all the individual involved because before the initial meeting there is the option to pull back if there any doubts or concerns.
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