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Wife Sharing

Wife Sharing is a definition that is applied to a group of married and unmarried heterosexual couples that meet at a predefined location (usually a home of one of the members of the group) where several couples get together to share their partners other for the purposes of sex. It may not necessarily be sexual intercourse but could be oral sex or anal sex. Under normal circumstances there is no necessity for each person to take a sexual role, particularly if they can find no one that attracts them. It should be remembered that this is not a voyeurism party and other party goers will frown on this type of behaviour. The purpose of the evening is for all the participants to have a one night stand to enhance their sex life with their partner at home.

Normally homosexual and lesbian behaviour is frowned on but may be tolerated with the agreement of the group. These evening are now called “swinger parties”. The only way to participate in a wife sharing party or event is normally by invitation only. A couple that wish to take part in one or more of these events should research the internet for wife sharing websites that are reputable. It is better to use the facilities of a large website because there are a significant number of users and active members so the site must be reputable. If the site was not reputable the members would leave very quickly and the active members would desert it.

The first experience of a wife sharing party can be quite nerve racking. Other seasoned members will quickly put newcomers at their ease. It is a social occasion as well as a sexual event. The hosts will provide some alcoholic refreshment and once you have had a couple of drinks and started mingling with the other guests your initial nervousness will dissipate and you will soon begin to really enjoy it. If for any reason you or your partner is not completely comfortable with the dynamics of the group, you are free to leave at any time. Just make you polite excuses and leave without a fuss or commotion. All the seasoned members of the group will understand how you are feeling because they will have been through it at their first wife swapping party. You are not there as a prisoner.

You will not be expected to perform any sexual act that you are not comfortable with. A wife sharing party is not a gang bang (unless that is your wish) and is not an environment which would allow any act of rape to take place. If you do not enjoy performing a specific sexual act tell the partner you are with, if they try to insist simply move on to someone else. You will gain more respect from your partner and the group as a whole than attempting to perform something half-heartedly.

The whole experience is to enrich the sexual life of the couple not to cause them problems. There will always be certain acts that some people find repulsive and are not prepared to entertain but to others it is quite natural. It has to be remembered that everyone has specific sexual preferences you have to make sure that yours match with theirs. Just because you cannot do as your partner asks you are not a failure. It should be the responsibility of the organisers to ascertain the general sexual likes and dislikes of their invited guests and particularly, when it is your first visit to a wife sharing party, ensure that you are not subjected to any awkward or embarrassing situations. If you hosts are experienced they will ensure that you first visit will not be your last.
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