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Precautions for adult Swingers

With the advent of so many online dating sites which include sites especially dedicated to adult swingers the interested user should realise that pitfalls are inevitable. Users should be careful in their degrees of trust of things that are quoted by other users. There is an old maxim “if it seems too good to be true then it probably is”. This maxim is a particularly important piece of advice to follow for safe and successful pursuit of a swinging life-style. There are many different issues that should be considered when attempting to meet new swinging partners and couples online.

Safe Sex

The most crucial concerns for any active adult swinger, couples or singles (in groups to which they are invited) are their personal sexual health and the sexual health of their partners. With the pandemic of HIV infection, which is currently showing no signs of decreasing, must be paramount in all swingers’ minds. It should be a condition of all swingers’ parties that all sexual intercourse, whether it is anal, vaginal or oral, is conducted in a safe manner and that the exchange of bodily fluids is kept to a minimum. Once HIV is contracted there is no miracle cure. It is a condition that stays with the contractor until their death. The safest method of protection is to use condoms although there are many individuals and couples that refuse to use them.

Reliability of Information Given Online

It is at the discretion of the persons seeking introductions to other adult swinger parties to ascertain if the facts that are given by the advertiser(s) are actually true or not. This can be quite a difficult process as most people that are advertising swingers are looking for casual sexual contact. The couple that are seeking invitations to groups should be thoroughly vetted so ensuring that the information that they are sharing can be verified.

Genuine Couples

When a party is advertised as couples only, this normally means either two people that are married or two people that are in a relationship where they cohabit. It is the responsibility of both the information providers (people who are inviting new couples) and the seekers of invitations to ascertain that the couples on both sides are genuine. If there are doubts about the validity of the “couples” this should be verified politely but firmly by the couple that have the doubts. When people are genuine, they normally do not object to giving information that is not of a sensitive nature, as this will help gain the trust of the other parties, because the main aim of swinging is for all people taking to part to enjoy themselves and each other.

Information Swapping

Information swapping is an integral part of swinging. All couples should be fully comfortable that they know who they are dealing with before revealing any information of a sensitive and personal nature. It is sensible to get to know the identity of the people you are dealing with before posting intimate personal information over the internet. There are unscrupulous individuals who use the internet to dupe unsuspecting people into revealing photographs or information of a personal nature. They will then use this information for unlawful behaviour which can lead to serious consequences for the persons that have volunteered the information. There have been cases where young adults have had their intimate details published on the internet without their permission. It is vitally important that your personal information is shared only with others that you fully trust.

Contact Details

Do not publish contact details that relate to your place of residence or your land-line telephone number. Do not give information regarding your employer or any other information that could possibly be used by unscrupulous third parties to make contact with you. This could be used for criminal purposes. Only share personal contact details with people you fully trust and know will keep your information confidential.
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